“Maybe I will just run 3km instead and walk the rest of the exercise”. I said to myself one lazy morning during my work out, it was just after holidays and my entire body was fighting against me. After a long debate between my body and mind, I decided to continue running because the goal was to run and get back on track with my fitness.

It made me think about life, how often have we deviated from the plan because it was just so tough and unbearable? Yes, it is true; we listen to our bodies sometimes. I honestly think our flesh is our worst enemy. Think about it, why do you stop eating healthy or drinking water or exercising? Why would someone drop in final year or quit a job? Or leave a 10 year old marriage? It is really because the flesh couldn’t take it anymore and we always get rid of anything that causes our body pain, discomfort and stress-even if it will benefit us in the long run. And it has even spread into our households, if I am not happy with a certain relationship I am in, I let it go instead of working on it. Nothing should disturb my peace, right? Please don’t get me wrong, there are instances when a situation is toxic and it requires you to leave and walk out; you cannot keep working out if you have a knee injury, or stay in a relationship that destroys you more than it builds you up. However, some cases just require you to stick it out and work on it.

I am really a fan of the older generation, even though we call them backwards and not knowing their rights-they have mastered something that our generation cannot get right and that is the art of not responding to the flesh. This is why they live longer honestly and more grounded than we are and if I may dare say-have achieved more than we have. They built wealth instead of riches; we accumulate riches instead; leaving nothing for the coming generation-that’s if we even live long enough to have children. Yes, those are situations we are in because we have become slaves of our own flesh.

Is it too late for us though? I don’t think so; it is really never too late to start over. Ever heard of the saying “mind over matter”? It is really not just some old cliché; I actually applied it that day when I was running. The mind is a really powerful tool that can help you overcome physical discomfort. I love the bible; there is a scripture that says “renew your mind daily” in Romans 12. I understand why the writer said that; if you work on your thought processing daily, exercise your mind to focus on positive thinking and achieving those set goals, you are most likely to achieve them and become a better version of yourself. So work on your mind and STICK TO THE PLAN. As painful as the journey might seem and as uncomfortable as the body might get-STICK TO THE PLAN. I asked a friend why these gym aches and pains never get to him, he looked me and laughed and said “I don’t focus on the pain, I know it will pass and that’s why it is so easy for me to go back to gym”


It is in the mind. Winning or failing-it is all in the mind.


By..Letau Thobakgale


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