AQUAVILLE/LEEUWFONTEIN – Pits hawkers on the R33 Road near Aquaville outside Groblersdal dig to dispose of their waste pose a serious danger to children, according to Groblersdal police.Hawkers who sell vegetables and fruits dig deep holes in which they dispose of their waste but children play near them, some even swim when it rains and end up drowning.

According to Groblersdal police there has been a number of drownings reported in the previous years from the pits.Constable Julia Mampa, Groblersdal police spokesperson, said to prevent drownings police previously visited hawkers at the stalls to conscientise them on the problem.

“We spoke to the at length against the dangers holes pose to children. We advised the hawkers to close the holes after they had disposed their waste. We had two drowinings from the holes in the past two years and we cannot afford to have more. We wish the hawkers would take heed to our message to them and make sure there are no more drownings which are a concern to us,” said Mampa.

Mampa said the other area of concern to police was in Leeuwfontein outside Marble Hall where children as young as five years of age were recently seen continuously playing at an old sewerage system.

“We urge parents to make sure they know the whereabouts of their children,” advised Mampa.


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